Guest Post – Teresa Molina


It gives me great pleasure to introduce our newest guest contributor – Teresa Molina to our Monochromia family.

Inside The Tower

My name is Teresa Molina. I was born in Barcelona, Spain, and currently I live in El Masnou, not a very large city by the sea, around 20 km north of Barcelona, for about 25 years now.

I always had the need to express myself through something creative. Photography, as a language of expression, fulfilled completely what I was looking for. I studied photography in Barcelona, both in terms of technique and communication, to train the photographic-eye and creativity.

Together with Carlos (Charly Senall), my husband, and other photographer friends, we founded a photographic association for young people, like us, and for several years we were very active in the photographic background of Barcelona. We participated in photographic exhibitions and also organized some collective exhibitions. At that time, some…

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